Instructions to Reset Internet Explorer to ONLY display newest pages available on Internet Web Sites



Open Internet Explorer
Click on Tools in the Menu Bar
Click on Internet Options
In the General Tab, go to Browsing History and click on Settings
Under the "Check for newer versions of stored pages:"  

     Click the "every time I visit the web page" select button
Click OK at the bottom of the page and then close out Internet Options
Close Internet Explorer

Restart Internet Explorer.  Each time you visit a web site in the future you

will be getting the latest version.

Why is this necessary?

Internet Explorer can be "lazy".  When you visit a website,  Internet Explorer "caches" or saves a copy of each page you visit. The next time you visit that page, IE displays the cached page rather than go to that website and download that page again.  This creates your browsing history and allows you to easily and quickly go back to a previous page. It also creates an illusion of speed in loading up a page.  Unfortunately, if a page changes since your last visit, Internet Explorer may or may not display the most current page.